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Sinus Elevation

Sinus Elevation is a term to describe a procedure that is done to raise the floor of the sinus in order to make room for dental implants. It is a simple procedure that is done when there is a lack of sufficient bone in the back parts of the upper jaws. A bone graft is placed in the bottom portion of the sinus and implants are then placed into this bone.

It is a very predictable procedure, with few side effects and little risk. The benefits are outstanding – we are able to place implants where they otherwise could not be placed. Learn more about sinus elevation.

sinus elevation x-rayTo the left is an X-ray demonstrating a patient missing teeth in the upper right back portion of their mouth, with a lack of adequate bone for dental implants.

Bone can be added via a sinus elevation procedure so that dental implants can be placed. Otherwise the patient would not have implants as an option and would have to use a removable partial denture as their only means to replace these teeth.

sinus elevation cone beam scannerTo the left is the Cone Beam image of the same patient with simulated implant placement, which will be done at the same time that the Sinus Elevation is done.

Cone Beam Scanner

This practice has an in-house Cone Beam Scanner – also know as CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography). It is the most accurate method to evaluate a patient and plan for dental implants. Click here to learn more.

cone beam scanner