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Replacing Multiple Teeth

Replacing multiple missing teeth requires detailed collaboration between surgeon and restorative dentist. First, the proper diagnostic images are needed, and this is typically done with our in-house Cone Beam Scanner. Multiple missing teeth may include 2 or more teeth that are next to one another, or even the complete replacement of all upper or lower teeth. For those patients who currently wear dentures and are dissatisfied, there are multiple options that be can offered which range in complexity and cost.

Examples of situations where a patient is missing multiple teeth

The first example shows a patient missing several teeth on the lower right side. The first option to replace these missing teeth is a removable partial denture, which rests on the other teeth and needs to be removed at night.

removable partial denture for multiple teeth

The second option is implants to support a permanent, non-removable replacement.

non-removable replacement implants

The next scenario demonstrates a patient missing all their lower teeth. Before dental implants, the only option was a removable denture. Now there are many options available for this type of patient. One option shown is implants placed to support a permanent, fixed restoration.

full arch bridge

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Cone Beam Scanner

This practice has an in-house Cone Beam Scanner – also know as CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography). It is the most accurate method to evaluate a patient and plan for dental implants. Click here to learn more.

cone beam scanner