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Replacing a Single Tooth

Single tooth implants (especially in the front of the mouth) are often the most difficult and require extensive experience to manage the challenges to maintaining the appropriate esthetics of not just the tooth but also the gum tissues around that tooth. Often a single tooth that has been damaged or needs replacement can be replaced with an implant and restored with a tooth on the same day. There are many aspects to replacing a single tooth that necessitate experience and training and the proper diagnostic techniques.

Options to replace a missing tooth include:

Removable Choices

These are removed at night and rest on the palate and other teeth to support it.

Single Tooth - Removable Partial Denture


These are supported by adjacent teeth, often requiring those teeth to be shaved down, and they require special types of care, as regular dental floss can no longer be used.

Single Tooth - 3 tooth bridge & Maryland type bridge

Dental Implants

This allows for an independent tooth replacement that feels and looks exactly like the tooth being replaced.

Single Tooth - Dental Implant Process

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Replacing a Single Tooth

Guided Implant Surgery

CBCT technology allows us to plan implant surgery virtually using software. We can then translate that information into a “surgical guide”.

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Guided Implant Surgery